Help desk software facilitates support and processes the solutions for the problem of the customers. It offers the ability of centralizing the conversation of all customers. All these conversations are enabled via twitter, Facebook, iPhone, web, email, phone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, online chat, Windows Phone, knowledge bases and community Forums.

Help desk software automates all the processes of your help desk such as such as priorities, dynamic forms and routing rules so you can deal with incidents and issues in the most efficient way. It also helps you to manage and fully control your assets. You can trace your software, mobile assets as well as hardware and observe the inventory of your assets in just a single view. It therefore increases your control over your servers networking and your management over mobile devices. With its remote control capacities, you can resolve issues just anywhere you like. It allows web administrators to remotely assist end users or access the unattended computers and remotely control them. Help desk software provides monitoring of the major network parameters, system processes, servers SNMP traps etc. You can also detect errors instantly and be notified instantly when an action is necessary. Help desk software also features CMDB, Network discovery, SysAid Mobile Device Management capabilities, analytics, manager dashboard, admin portal and live chats among many others.

Customizing Help Desk Software

Customizing your help desk software is important to give you more control and better organization. You may re-arrange the fields, windows, and data and build many templates utilizing a default data so that you can better serve your customers. The default data can provide you quicker data entry for upgrades, assets, changes and other common issues. Customizing your help desk software can give you the power to offer powerful and more satisfactory service to your customers.

Some of the elements of help desk soft ware that you can customize include custom actions, custom fields, custom enhanced work flow, custom templates and built-in themes. You can have this features tailor made for your convenience. When customizing your helpdesk templates, one thing to keep in mind is to make your help desk software easier to use. The easier the help desk software, the better. In your template, you may use the drag and drop option to place organizations, assets, groups, tickets and requests to a designated place that you want for easier navigation. You can also set the number of templates and customize them for ticket tasks, ticket entries, change request tasks and ticket agents. The templates will provide you more options for searching, positioning and viewing of your default data. You can pick from the quick template option to simplify entry data.

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