PowerEdge-raid-recoveryI really hadn’t had a lot of experience using HP servers, so I have to say that I really didn’t have an opinion at the start. Certainly, back in my early career when I worked at another company, we did use Compaq servers. Those were actually pretty robust machines, so I assume that when they purchased HP, the servers would be equally as good. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that their support would be so bad if the raids failed.

Of course, we ended up learning on the fly that HP is not exactly the best when it comes to a situation that requires real professional RAID recovery. I ended up on the telephone with a couple of guys from India and a really had no clue what I was talking about for about an hour. Then, I finally realized I would have to just call the local raid data recovery company, and they ended up fixing the problem really quickly. Too bad about HP, though.

Dell PowerEdge Servers Were the Best

Easily one of the most heard of names in the computer industry has to be Dell. When I was first looking at a raid server solution for our exchange server, I decided to take a look at what exactly was available in the Dell PowerEdge line. I have to say that I was pretty impressed overall, and once I to the deeper look into the support levels and the fact that there was actually quite a lot of companies that understood the process of PowerEdge raid recovery, I determined that Dell would be a winner when it came to our storage solution.

You have to remember that a Microsoft exchange server is actually a very mission-critical program and that it cannot have any down time if you are to function properly as an organization. This is why with so important to me to know that there were a lot of companies that understood Dell PowerEdge raid recovery.

I Told Him So

I was told my boss that we were going to be in trouble because of the fact that there was not enough cooling in this room. I mean, I told him again and again that having servers means you have to make sure that they are always kept at the perfect operating temperature, or you are putting the systems at risk. Of course, now we find ourselves having to call a RAID repair company because of the fact that he ignored my advice. But, he tends to be kind of a proud guy, and one of those guys who thinks he knows it all. Well, I know that he hired me because I’m an IT administrator and at least know my stuff when it comes to things like servers and software. But I guess that is what comes with working for a very ambitious boss: sometimes he just is not going to listen to you no matter what.

They Did the Raid Repair

I know that I got up way too early this morning, but I’ve been having troubles putting together some consistent sleep as of late. I think that is because I’m probably a little bit stressed with dealing with a bunch of things at work right now. One of the hardest problems we have right now is that where the middle of the raid data recovery, and I will admit that I don’t really know very much about RAID repair and assumed that I would need to get professional. So, I ended up calling a shop in California and they ended up dealing with the server, which definitely helped me out. I haven’t really had to recover server from actual hard disk error, and I don’t think you normally can unless you can rebuild your hard drive yourself. I obviously don’t have the equipment to do that, so it was nice to know someone was there to do our recovery.

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