r1Until recently, one advantage that mainframe systems had over PC-based network solutions was a well-deserved reputation based on their ability to provide safe, secure, reliable and quick direct-access storage devices.

That technology has trickled down to the microcomputer world: The Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) drive subsystem architecture allows for data redundancy and protection using multiple drives.

At this time, there more than five levels of RAID implementation, with a few under discussion. The main five implementations are not aggregated levels, where each level builds upon the prior level; rather, they are five different methods of implementation. Recovering RAID 5 is often the easiest.

RAID Level 1 uses mirrored disks to provide complete data redundancy on a one-to-one basis. Each disk has a twin that contains the same data as the primary disk. This is the most common method used in corporate America today.



When you talk about Wing Commander, the movie created and directed by Chris Roberts, you have to talk about the fact that it’s based on the characters and themes from the top-selling games of the same name. The $27 million film, set in the year 2564, documents the exploits of a young pilot (played by Freddie Prinze Jr.) fresh from the Academy who joins the Confederate forces to quash an alien attack from the invading Kilrathians, a cat-like species who have captured a computer navigation device that will enable them to attack and destroy Earth. But the sci-fi flick is infused with many 1940s military references and style, making it, according to Roberts, “a hard-core war movie set in space in


tspHere’s an appropriate example of where recursion is absolute gold. How about a searching problem? Have you ever heard of the Traveling Salesman problem? The idea is that a traveling salesman must visit several cities. His time is valuable, so he wants to find the shortest route through all the cities. This problem is about as practical as they come.

Airlines, delivery services, the post office, and just about any businesses that move things welcome the discovery of a more efficient route. It’s worth a lot of money to them. How about yourself? If you travel, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to find faster routes?

An interesting application that finds the shortest routes, not by using factorials, but by applying other means, is


Many business people today consider creating a blog in order to make some money. It is a great method for advertising business and for getting to know customers. The business, which is open to customers and friendly, has the chance to be very popular among potential clients. There are many tips on how to start a blog and make money. Here you can find few that are the most important.

bnemMy first tip on how to start a blog and make money is – decide whether you want your blog to be strictly business or you want to combine business posts with those who are more private. Customers like getting to know people standing behind a blog, so sharing details from …



Help desk software facilitates support and processes the solutions for the problem of the customers. It offers the ability of centralizing the conversation of all customers. All these conversations are enabled via twitter, Facebook, iPhone, web, email, phone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, online chat, Windows Phone, knowledge bases and community Forums.

Help desk software automates all the processes of your help desk such as such as priorities, dynamic forms and routing rules so you can deal with incidents and issues in the most efficient way. It also helps you to manage and fully control your assets. You can trace your software, mobile assets as well as hardware and observe the inventory of your assets in just a single view. It therefore increases your …