Many business people today consider creating a blog in order to make some money. It is a great method for advertising business and for getting to know customers. The business, which is open to customers and friendly, has the chance to be very popular among potential clients. There are many tips on how to start a blog and make money. Here you can find few that are the most important.

bnemMy first tip on how to start a blog and make money is – decide whether you want your blog to be strictly business or you want to combine business posts with those who are more private. Customers like getting to know people standing behind a blog, so sharing details from private life can be a good choice. Of course, those details should not be too private. The limit has to exist. Then, the next step is making a business plan. How much money can you spend on keeping your blog active? If you want your own domain, that will cost you, so it is good to count. There are many blog providers that offer free blogging service, so you can save money by opening account on platforms like WordPress or Blogger. The next step is planning time. How much time can you spend on writing posts and taking photos for your blog?

How To Plan And Start Blogging

There are many reasons for writing a blog. Some people, mostly women, write blogs to show people how they baked, cooked or decorated something. They write blogs as a creative life diary. Photographers often write blogs to show people photos they made. IT technicians give advices on how to use software and similar. Companies or brand owners write blogs to earn money. But besides answering a question on how to start a blog and make money, new bloggers are often interested in how to plan the daily or weekly blogging activity. If it’s well planned, writing blog posts will not take too much time.

It is smart to make a list of topics so when the time for new blog post comes, a blogger will have the topics prepared. Companies who often get a feedback from their clients or customers it is good to listen to that feedback and write about things that will be interesting for their clients. For example, if clients or customers often ask about same topics, it is good to write about all the frequently asked questions. The content that is useful for most of the customers will be a great topic for blog posts. If you keep all these in mind, how to start a blog and make money should not be a big question.

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